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diesel tuning tips
Auto motor tuning 67 tips voor extra motorvermogen!
Vlammen uit uitlaat Vlammen uit de uitlaat Z krijg je het voor elkaar. Turbo adviezen tips. Turbo upgrade in de planning? Serieuze vermogenswinsten realiseer je na montage van een grotere turbo. Laat de turbo altijd goed afkoelen! Boostcontroller boostcontroller verhoog de turbodruk boost met boostcontrollers. Brandstofpomp Brandstofpomp grotere brandstofpomp installeren tijdens motortuning. Diesel tuning Diesel tuning chip tuning voor diesels, snel meer pk en koppel!
Fast Car German Diesel Tuning Guide Fast Car.
There are certainly some diesel tuning legends in the UK including the likes of AMD, Darkside Developments, RS Tuning and Revo. But its generally true that the knowledge of diesel tuning and availability of parts is still far smaller than traditional petrol engine tuning.
Tips for Increasing Diesel Engine Performance
Tips for Increasing Diesel Engine Performance Tips for Increasing Diesel Engine Performance. Maximizing diesel engine performance is an important goal in diesel vehicles. The diesel engines need care and proper tuning in order to enable output in the maximum range.
Put your foot down: How to boost your turbo diesel power Sunshine Coast Daily. premium_icon. premium_icon. premium_icon. premium_icon. premium_icon. premium_icon.
While power and torque figures printed out on a dyno sheet are one thing, the best thing about flash tuning is the seat-of-the-pants dyno. Driveability is improved by orders of magnitude and the savings at the bowser, around the 20% mark, make it a highly cost-effective exercise. Arguably the best part however is that a reputable tuner will be able to gain all this extra mumbo and fuel efficiency while staying well within the factory safety parameters, and provide warranty coverage for their work. When tuned to an exhaust system, there's' a whole heap of gains and not any downsides. Talk about perfect! How to live the off-road life and get paid for it. Milo comes alive: Old friends on new adventures. Northern Frontier: Hit Cape York for 4WD adventure. Is dirty fuel damaging your diesel engine? The Track Less Travelled: Roothy challenges the deep south. Servicing modern 4WD diesels the evils of carbon. A mechanical life: Roothy gives us a glimpse. Read More Login to follow. Read More Login to follow. Read More Login to follow. Read More Login to follow. Read More Login to follow. Read More Login to follow. 4wd diesel maintenance outdoor-living roothys-lowrange tips.
Diesel tuning chip tuning voor diesels, snel meer pk en koppel!
Bij diesel tuning worden de parameters softwarematig opnieuw afgesteld, maar dan meer ideaal. Dit alles resulteert bij motoren met turbo of een andere vorm van laaddrukverhoging van 20 tot 40% prestatie-verbetering, dus koppel trekkracht en vermogen topsnelheid. Indienje auto geen turbo bezit, maar toch een electronisch geregelde inspuiting heeft kunt je de SDI tuningset monteren.
Diesel tuning the professional opinion Telegraph.
Follow these expert car cleaning tips to achieve a showroom-worthy finish every time. Win 150 in Shell fuel vouchers. Enter the competition for a chance to win 150 in Shell V-Power Nitro fuel vouchers. Discover Shell V-Power Nitro Diesel. How does Shells best performance diesel work? Shell V-Power Nitro Diesel is formulated with a powerful cleaning agent designed to prevent and remove performance-robbing engine deposits that can be left behind by non-premium fuels. Latest from Shell. Step into a BMW 640M with the former Stig. Remarkable new filming technology puts you in the hot seat with former Stig Ben Collins as he tears up a top-secret track. Watch the video to go for a virtual drive. The Diesel Hall of Fame. The Telegraphs Tim Gibson reveals his top nine diesel cars and needs your help to complete his 10-strong Diesel Hall of Fame. Cast your vote here. What are BMW M cars? From Seventies rally cars to modern diesel supercars, BMWs tuning division has always been at the cutting edge, but what is an M series car?
Turbodiesel Diesel Tuning Welkom bij Limpex Autosport.
U bent hier: Start / Tuning / Turbodiesel Diesel Tuning. Turbodiesel Diesel Tuning. Bij diesel-tuning worden de diesels in 2 groepen verdeeld. Die, waarvan de inspuiting electronisch wordt geregeld TDi, CDi, HDi, enz. en die, waarbij dat mechanisch gebeurt D, TD, meestal de oudere diesels.
Auto tuning: Tips voor de beginnende tuner Ventura Diesel Tuning Nederland.
Ventura Diesel Tuning Nederland. Moderne digitale chiptuning techniek. Auto tuning: Tips voor de beginnende tuner. Author: Melissa Posted on: augustus 12, 2014 Post categories: Blogposts. Voor velen is hun auto hun trots. Dat is geen verrassing aangezien er vaak een smak geld wordt geïnvesteerd in een auto.

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